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The main of the many colaborators of Dumas, Auguste Maquet (1813-1886), has often been mentionned by the writer's ennemies to back up the thesis according to which "Dumas was not the author of his books". It is a fact that Maquet has played an important part in the writing of Dumas's main masterpieces, such as the Musketeers' series, La Reine Margot or Le Comte de Monte-Cristo. And yet his part clearly appears to have been limited : after having co-developped the novel's framework, Maquet would be in charge of the necessary historical researches and then would write the rough outline from which Dumas would write the novel as we know it. After years of fruitful collaboration, their relationships came to an end with court action due to the money Dumas owed Maquet. The latter's own works didn't come down to posterity.
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